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Meet the
Allala King Family

Seven Generations of Farmers

From Native American, Irish, Italian, Polish, and of course Mexican heritage, we live in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. As full-time educators, and part-time musicians, we yearn to build a natural apiary, and homestead gardens with a learning center and pond for outdoor education.  Our dreams are coming true as we construct our paradise one hive at a time. We are the South Texas Simple Kings, here to serve the Kingdom, and every once in a while we might sing for ya, too! 


Peace and blessings to all y'all,

Gracias a Dios. 

Bee on a Daisy
Swarm of Bees

Everything We Offer

Chemical Free


Organic Farm

Read books regarding the natural methods by Georges de Layens, translated and edited by Dr. Leo Sharashkin of 

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